Finding Better Insurance For Your Family

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Finding Better Insurance For Your Family

About a year ago I realized the insurance plan that my family currently had wasn't sufficient for our needs. It seemed like whenever anyone got hurt, we really struggled to pay the bill. Fortunately, a friend of mine recommended a better insurance plan that they had used before. We applied, and we were pleased when we were accepted. Our premiums were reasonable, and the coverage was amazing. I know we have benefited greatly from the new insurance. This blog is for anyone out there that is struggling to choose insurance or to select add-on options for their plan.



4 Types Of Vehicle Damage Only Covered By Comprehensive Insurance

If you do not have a fancy stereo system, you might feel tempted to skip comprehensive coverage when building your car insurance plan. But, comprehensive coverage protects you from far more than just theft alone. Without this type of insurance, you would be on the hook for the full cost of repairs for windshield chips and cracks, damage caused by vandals, collisions involving animals and spontaneous engine fires. Here's what you need to know about these situations – and how to set up the right level of coverage for you. Read More 

Who Needs SR-22 Insurance?

If you are a young driver who is still covered on your parent's auto insurance policy but are looking to purchase your own car insurance soon, you may find the process confusing. This is especially true if you have friends who need SR-22 insurance and they try to tell you that you need it too. You may be wondering if this is something you really need to purchase and how it differs from traditional automobile insurance. Read More 

Do You Really Need GAP Insurance?

Anything can happen after your vehicle rolls off the showroom floor, which is why you rely on your auto insurance policy to cover those unexpected events. Guaranteed Auto Protection or GAP insurance adds an extra layer of financial security in case you get into an accident resulting in a total loss. However, you're probably wondering if you could do without it and save some money in the process. Only If You're Leasing or Financing a New Vehicle Read More 

Going High Tech: 5 Ways Your Home Inventory Is Made Easier With Technology

A home inventory is a critical part of filing an insurance claim if items are stolen from your home or damaged in an incident covered by your insurance. The inventory helps prove that you owned certain items and also helps your insurance agent determine the worth of your lost or damaged items, which directly affects how much your insurance company is willing to pay to replace these items. Unfortunately, the majority of Americans do not have an inventory of possessions, and of those who do, many do not have photographs of their possessions or a backup copy of their inventory. Read More 

Hit And Run Accidents: Tips For Motorists Who Like To Think Ahead

Imagine that you and your loved ones have just been involved in an accident. Your pulse is racing, your arms and legs might be shaking from the adrenaline, and you're looking to see that your family is not in immediate medical danger. Then, out of the corner of your eye, you notice the motorist that hit you is pulling away from the scene. You think they might just be moving their car to a safe location--until they speed away. Read More